A well-constructed and routinely maintained employee handbook, and up-to-date policies that are enforced in a consistent manner, are essential for ensuring businesses and employees thrive. Major reasons for adopting an employee handbook are:

• To protect the employer
• To clarify the benefits that are and are not provided by the employer
• To prevent unintentional discrimination
• To give employees notice of work rules
• To satisfy legal requirements of written notice

While many components of an employee handbook can be standard from one business to another, every company has its own mission, vision and values. In addition to the fact that a company’s employee handbook is an extremely important legal document, a truly effective employee handbook helps to create the kind of company culture needed for a specific business to thrive. Therefore, employee handbooks should be designed and tested. Then, after adoption of this specifically designed and tested employee handbook, it must be used. Bechtel & Santo can expertly provide this service for your business. We have been designing and helping Colorado companies test, use and maintain their employee handbooks for over 25 years.

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