People are the greatest asset of any company. Company decision-makers well know that investing time, attention and other resources in the company’s team members helps a business thrive. When a business thrives, all of its employees can then enjoy the benefits of success, from sales to CEO, and thus a company’s human resources activities come full circle. Furthermore, because a company is its people, and conflicts between people are normal, natural, and inevitable, managing conflict within a company is vital to its continued health.

Bechtel & Santo understands that employee matters are high priorities for companies, and often, time-is-of-the-essence in these matters. At Bechtel & Santo, we make every effort to serve our clients with timely and frequent communication, and by delivering top-notch legal services and advice.

The Bechtel & Santo team works with employers on a daily basis to help them tackle a large variety of personnel matters. Matters such as:

• Human resources and manager training
• Presentations and seminars specifically tailored to a business
• Recruiting and hiring procedures
• Offer letters and employment contracts and agreements
• Help with employee motivational techniques
• Help with building a respectful workplace
• Disciplinary procedures
• Workplace issue investigations
• Termination letters and separation agreements
• Unemployment insurance claims
• Counsel on workers compensation matters
• Assistance with audits
• Labor union matters

Have a Specific Employment Law Need?

We are always happy to discuss your company’s unique needs or a specific situation.