Employee Handbooks & Policies

A well-constructed and routinely maintained employee handbook, and up-to-date policies that are enforced in a consistent manner, helps both businesses and employees thrive. Major reasons for adopting an employee handbook are:


Wage-and-hour requirements are the body of law that establishes and regulates wage standards for employees. In addition to wage-and-hour regulations, there are many other federal and state laws that also set rights and duties for employees, labor unions, and employers in the United States.


People are the greatest asset of any company. Company decision-makers well know that investing time, attention and other resources in the company’s team members helps a business thrive. When a business thrives, all of its employees can then enjoy the benefits of success, from sales to CEO, and thus a company’s human resources activities come full circle.

Healthcare Compliance & Special Districts

Navigating the employment and legal side of healthcare is complex and isn’t something a healthcare organization should tackle on their own. We have experience with responding to HIPAA breaches, ensuring STARK compliance, assisting with False Claims Act disputes, and are well-versed with clients that are Special Districts under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Day-to-Day Employment Law Questions, General Business & More

Due to the pace of today’s continually changing business world, companies must have reliable and extremely knowledgeable legal support both for the long-term and on a moment’s notice. Bechtel & Santo is that legal team to support your business!

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